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Let's start here: NEVER post pictures on RMH. If you do, your survival rate estimate drops to near 0. It is a text only newsgroup.

Where We Post Pics

Often referred to on as "across the street", ABPMH has become a sister newsgroup to RMH. The 1st and primary purpose of this newsgroup is the posting of binary files, primarily pictures, of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Pictures of all vintages, parts, diagrams, schematics, are posted. Sometimes a discussion on RMH will lead to a picture(s) on the topic post across the street at abpmh i.e. worn cam chain tensioner chains shoe pics. Sometimes pics from an IRL are posted, preferably with the permission of those pictured.


Picture Size And Format

ABPMH traditionally used photo format is jpg file and sized no larger than 640x480 with file sizes preferably under 250 kb. This consideration is done mostly for those of us who do not have access to a high speed internet connection and don't wish to spend the next 2 years waiting for your 5.8 meg picture of your stock Heritage Softail sitting on your driveway. That's not to say we don't want to see your picture, just that we all crave instant gratification and faster is better. An unspoken rule that if you want a higher resolution version of a picture, just ask for it.

ABPMH has the good fortune of a resident picture resizer. Keyman's been resizing huge file and frame size photos for quite a few years now. Most are grateful for his services including me. Some resent it and are inconsiderate fucks who don't give a rat's ass about other people's bandwidth. Be respectful and post in or below the size mentioned above. It's just the nice thing to do. And you won't get flamed out of there in a hurry. If you forget to resize a pic and Key hops right on it, thank him. It's a thankless job that really is helpful in the majority of posts he touches.

If you need a picture resizer, the following are mentioned as easy to use. Some resizers are standalone programs while others are used under the Windows Explorer shell.

Keyman suggests:

"As far as sources for resizers, there is the free, user friendly, windows power-toy  "Image Resizer".


also,there is a free photo editor called "Irfan-View"


What Binaries Should I Post

Harley pics? Everything but stock pictures from the MoCo's website is in play. Got a great Triumph pic? Post it. A classic Vincent. Absolutely! A basic CBR? Don't waste our time. Got a neat video in mpeg or avi format? Try not to kill us with bandwidth but if it's real good, throw it on there. Pic of a hot girl next to a Road King? Sure, once it awhile it works though some might disagree.

Last, the group frowns on posting in Yenc.