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"We wrench because we're cheap. We wrench because we don't want someone else's hands on the bike. We wrench because we like to fiddle with the guts of the thing in winter. We wrench because we love smearing grease on things that don't need it. We wrench because the Motor Company tells us not to." -- Penny
"We wrench because we ain't got no money." -- Davey D

We also want to know how to get 'em started again if they break down in the middle of Nowhere, South Dakota.

"Get the factory service manual from your local dealer - the best $25 you'll spend on your ride. There's really nothin' you can destroy thru normal everyday type activities. Good luck & happy wrenchin' =:-> " -- Strang
"Then get a comfortable stool and sit down with the manual and the bike. Read the descriptions in the book and locate everything on the bike. Start simple. Take something off, then put it back on again. Change the oil. Change the tranny fluid. Take the plugs out and clean them. From here go to harder things. Read the book. Talk to the bike. The bike will tell you what she needs if you listen and learn." -- Oldman1
"Get the factory parts manual as well. It is invaluable for showing how things come apart and go back together. Having the right part number when you go to the dealer saves a lot of aggravation by avoiding getting the wrong part. There is a reason that some people work the parts counter and not in the shop, not all of them, but enough." -- Putt