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r.m.h, Synthetic Oils and Harleys

There are few topics on r.m.h which recur with the frequency of Synthetic Oil. Is it OK to use it? Which one should I use? Why spend the extra money? Are automotive oils OK, or should I use something motorcycle or V-Twin specific?

For a sample of the previous discussions that have taken place check out these Google searches:

Mobil 1

This section of the r.m.h FAQ will attempt to provide information on synthetic oils including myths and lies, history, advantages, warranty, leaking "caused" by synthetic oils, an explanation of some common additives and pointers to various sites where the topic of oil and analysis is taken very seriously along the way.

Since this is a completely new section in the r.m.h FAQ, this is a work in progress that will be subject to a great deal of revision as suggestions, complaints, changes in the oil industry and previously undiscovered facts come to light.

The subsection format being employed may also be applied to the rest of the r.m.h FAQ in the future to make the index more efficient to browse.