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Neat Stuff

This new page is for neat unique stuff that fulfills some useful function on a bike not found in the Harley catalog. Some of the stuff is on retail sites, and it's suggested that you shop around.

Detachable Saddle Bag Brackets
Ghost Brackets allow pretty much any kind of saddlebag to become a detachable saddlebag. It consists of two small stainless steel "keepers" per side of the bike, and a plate that bolts to leather or other saddlebags. They also have a carrying handle that the bags clip on to. The plates help stabilize leather saddlebags like a saddlebag support bracket.

A similar concept, slightly different implementation are Easy Brackets.

Barebacks have a similar attachment method, but do not have the support plates for bags that reinforce bag stability as the Easy Brackets and Ghost Brackets have, and seem to be made only with Heritage bags that have a third point support.

For the Heritage bikes, there's the brackets from Bubba's Brake. For non-Heritage applications, it's not quite as desirable since it needs a support arm to add stability, pretty much the same situation as with Barebacks.

Bubba's also has detachable side plates for a sissy bar that differ from the factory detachable side plate hardware. The keepers don't stick out as far, so they don't have as much of the "Frankenstein Neck Bolt" look.

Handlebar Clocks
Every once in awhile it's useful to know what time it is. Usually in cities where there are signs that say, "No Turns 3-7pm". And you can't look at your wristwatch because it's under your jacket sleeves and gauntlet gloves. While you can buy a $5 LCD stick on clock and zip tie it to your handlebar, some folks want something a little nicer looking.

While this is a retail site, it can give you an idea of what's out there, and what to do a Google search for if you want to look for better prices. Here are others:
Here's an inexpensive gadget for monitoring whether your bike is charging the battery or not from one of the SoCal Netscum.

A variety of deflectors for protecting your hands and other body parts from cold and precipitation.

The Throttle Rocker, for those long days in the saddle or when you need to cover the front brake a lot. Cheaper than cruise control. The Cramp Buster uses a similar concept.

For baggers, Ridetek makes an excellent saddlebag cover with built in straps:, not cheap but a great design and good quality.


If you ever were riding in the rain and wished you had a mini squeegy to wipe your goggles or face shield, you were thinking of Swipeez goggle and face shield wipers. The Swipeez squeegee is a bit on the large size and works best with heavier weight gloves. Riderwarehouse/Aerostitch has something along the same line called the "VeeWipe Sqeegee", which is kind of the same as the Swipeez finger squeegee, but comes in different sizes, so you can get a size that fits lighter weight gloves (it comes with all three sizes in each order). Unfortunately, the R/A website doesn't support a direct link to that product, so you'll have to copy "VeeWipe" into their search engine to find it.

If you have more "Neat Stuff" suggestions, send them in to Suggestions must be for functional items only, even better if they're ugly and embarrassing.