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Dyna Frames

Among the more recent and frequent questions concerning Dyna frames is the conversion of an FXD Dyna Superglide to a Wide Glide look.

It is inaccurately assumed that there is only one Dyna frame, and that the only difference between the narrow glide 28 degree look and the Wide Glide and Low Rider "raked" look is in the forks. This is untrue. The FXD, FXDX and FXDXT have a completely different part number for the frame than the FXDWG and FXDLR.

47427-02 for a 32 degree rake (FXDWG and FXDLR)
47456-02 for a 28 degree rake (FXD, FXDX and FXDXT)