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"If you had been around long enuff you woulda known that the ASSHOLES as you know em were people just like anybody else, the main difference was at the time this group was created we were constantly being bombarded with people from whose sole desire was to demoralize this newly started group some years ago. There was much animosity towards this groups creation at the time, and if you attempted to ask questions regarding a HD you received a ton of flames for every sincere response given. That followed into this group when it was born. At that time there were regulars many of which are still here today-in fact most are still here who supported this group for discussion solely on Harleys, they were attacked at various times for their posting to this group and were at numerous times called assholes, this occurred on a normal day to day basis. After being called an ASSHOLE by these geeks and pukes from so many times we ended up saying that we were indeed ASSHOLES and thus the ASSHOLE(tm). Not everyone is an ASSHOLE, and every ASSHOLE is in fact not really an asshole, there is a difference that only by reading does one really understand what it truly implies-if you are inferring that ASSHOLES' are young and or naive, or not knowledgeable then you have a wrong opinion of what they truly are... Most here who are ASSHOLES have been riding for a great number of years most of which have been on Harleys, they give sincere help to honest asked questions, and they also are willing to trimm with the best. They do not as a rule post remarks to demean anyone unless they or the group has been slammed 1st! There's a world of honest and sincere help that an ASSHOLE can offer, as well as any of them being as cynic or as crude as need be. They are not newbees or yups or rubs or computer geeks, they are all sincere about the sport of motorcycling..." -- John Makel