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Sample VB&G Post

When the subject of a FAQ was initially being discussed, one of the regulars, a Mr. John Makel, posted this article. It was too good to cut, so I've included the whole damn thing (against John's protests). Cut it out and tape it to your fridge:

"There are some things that we can pass on to newer riders that could save em money in unnecessary mods to the engine to obtain HP for a reasonable amount such as leaving the crossover exhaust, getting slip on mufflers from HD, saving those old Mufflers in case the FEDS get pushy with EPA crap, going to a air cleaner which breathes better such as the screaming eagle, getting the altitude adjustment to the carb along with a power tube, changing those lousy factory shocks as soon as you get the ride to progressive, white or konis, changing fork oil to a heavier blend, staying away from auto filters for yer HD cause of the pressure valve being to high, staying with a air cooled oil rather than oil designed for auto use, buying quality tires rather than Chengshin, removing that poor seat from HD and going to Corbin, Mustang (my personal preference), or La Pera, purchasing a factory service manual and parts manual and learning the ins and outs mechanically of your ride, the importance of changing oil when the ride is new around the 500 mile mark, and then at the 1500 mile mark and there after no longer than the 2-3,000 mile mark, and at the 2-3,000 mile mark changing all the fluids in the engine tranny and primary, pulling the wheel bearings at 8,000 miles and greasing and or replacing if necessary also have the boots when you do this, tapping the front neck for grease fittings so that you can grease the front end often through the summer, inspect the neck bearings and races annually, adjust the belt or chain earlier than the manual states, changing plugs and using a torque wrench to tighten rather than just snugging them up! Riding on the road after it has just rained and to watch for oil on it, riding in a pack and how staggering is the best idea for the novice, buying a quality lid and leathers which also include either chaps or pants and wearing leather quality gloves-cause if you ever go down your hands are going to attempt to stop you from rolling over, the advantages of a half, full and shorty helmet, reading the road and learning to be cautious at intersections and turns, never take anything for granted that anyone sees you let alone cares-you are a unseen target, riding during the Holidays and how people are unknowing of you as they speed to their destination, never drink, do drugs and ride, as you can easily become a fatality, wave to all no matter what they ride, stop and help any stranded cyclist no matter what his or her marque is, that's what cycling is all about. Learn from those who have been riding longer than you-they made it that far so they must know far more than you. Do not follow all the trends in cycles, trends are like underarm deodorant some blends work for you some will leave you wet and smelly. Ask questions that's the only way that you will be taught and given the right info, without that info you live on the edge and pay through the nose. There is no dumb question, the only thing that is dumb is when you do not ask and if you do not understand ask again till you do figure what is being said to you. Be wary for any and all will try and steal your ride from you, park in a concealed spot where no one can see your ride, invest in a quality locking system, and or cover your ride through the elements that Mother Nature will dish out along with bird shit which can damage yer ride, and or punks that will sit upon your ride and smoke cigarettes as though they own yer ride. Be wary of all 1%ers, give them wide berth, you are easily identified as being new to the sport, and you are fair game to them. Be wary of your HOG club there will be many who look worn but are new and are an image of what they perceive to be, all HOG groups are not good nor for your best interest, be wary. HD is not going to make you a celebrity by owning one, there is a camaraderie but it is not solely for just HD owners-to believe so is foolish at best! Ride when you are 110% mental and physical in health, you will enjoy your surroundings and get from point A to point B and back again safely. Riding fast is foolish at best-the essence of riding is enjoyment in a 360degree panorama of sight, sound and smells, by riding fast you miss most of what riding is about and you tempt fate by risking your life. Realize that it takes many years to hone your riding skills to survive and that you are not a racer by birth! Enjoy life to its fullest-be true onto yourself and honor thy Brother and Sister on the road, some rides end without ever saying good-bye or hello, you can never take back or give to someone when they are gone... The essence of riding is riding-everyday is a new adventure, a challenge in life itself, a struggle for survival...Only the strong survive, but along the way some fools tread lightly and make it on luck alone to the same plateau, riding on the edge is just that-never knowing when or where the road ends....

There ain't nothing like riding, nothing...

Now where's my raisin pie? No Trimm needed... Anyone who is new to HD's or riding-you need help or wanna know something just post-its as simple as that... On with the FAQ-lets take it to the limit... People who are looking to make a $$$-stay out, its all of "our" TURF-and we ain't giving you "NO" respect... The FAQ is a group effort-lets do it as a group...


ASSHOLE#3 john...

There is only so much time before the ride ends forever..."