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How to Get Flamed

Rather than state the obvious, you are advised to lurk for a month or two until you understand the flavor of the r.m.h Virtual Bar & Grill. As we are all good bikers, an attack on a regular member of r.m.h will cause you to be stomped by all.

Don't storm in tryin to show off your 'tude right away, as you'll only get laughed at and harassed until you split.

"If you are gonna hang out here you will respect _everyone_ that hangs out here (even if you don't agree with them or like them). Its OK to disagree or dislike but not OK to disrespect, you got that? ...

If ya possess enough brains to count yer balls and get the same number twice then you'll do just fine. Its not that difficult. But you'd be surprised how many come in here that don't possess that amount of brain power.

Hope this helped....and again welcome." -- Matt

Well, maybe we'll do a little stating of the obvious...

Besides showing 'tude, the following will also get you flamed: Top posting (where your reply is at the top of the post instead of following the quotes of the previous article you are responding to), omission of quoting the part of the article you are responding to, quoting an entire post and not editing the irrelevant parts out (followed by a one line reply that adds nothing to the conversation), trolling (posting deliberately incindiary topics to get a reaction), and anything that shows you haven't read the FAQ. You can avoid being ridiculed if you read the FAQ page on Quoting and follow the link at the bottom if you need more information on how to quote with AOL or Web-TV.

Krusty Asswipes

By Putt…

In the beginning was created. There was peace and harmony among a group of people who enjoyed sharing information and stories of the road. At first there were few but the information was good and there was friendship among the people there. Word of this group spread and others came to listen and speak to this group of people. Many of those who came stayed and participated. Some did not like the atmosphere and quietly left. There was very little noise within the group and disagreements were worked out quickly. Into this group came an individual who did not fit in, caused discord and would not leave. He enjoyed causing trouble and creating problems within the newsgroup. His presence created a great flame war that raged for some time in the newsgroup. There didn't seem any way to rid the newsgroup of this person. One flame in particular provided the key to roasting this individual into a cinder that was quickly swept out the door. The individual was provided with a title all of his own. His initials were K. A. and his name was twisted into Krusty Asswipe. It was his unnumbered title in the newsgroup, unnumbered because he didn't deserve a number. He soon became someone that was no longer hated because everyone was laughing at him. He was a joke, a fool, the village idiot of the newsgroup. People sought him out just so they could laugh at him and make fun of him, he was a source of entertainment much like the court fool entertaining royalty. He was neither prepared nor equipped to serve as comic relief for the regulars of and he soon departed and has never been heard from since. Over the years other people have been given the same title and suffered the same fate. Not one of these individuals was prepared to become a joke for the newsgroup. Not one of them has stayed as a regular, they all leave and never come back.

People can fight back against name calling and insults but they are not equipped to serve as an object to be laughed at. Nothing a Krusty Asswipe posts can be taken seriously, people even laugh at their flames. Their rage becomes a comedy, their insults are laughed at and even encouraged. They become old novelty jokes and most regulars just ignore them as they would a buzzing fly.

Do not become a thorn in the side of r.m.h or you may earn the Krusty Asswipe title.