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Welcome to the r.m.h Virtual Bar & Grill

You have stumbled into the first biker bar in cyberspace. A place to do a little bench racing, swap lies and bust ass. People come here from all walks of life and a broad cross section of occupations. Grab a bar stool, pop open a beer and meet some of the good people here.

The VB&G isn't just a virtual community. Hundreds of the regulars have journeyed collective hundreds of thousands of miles to meet with one another in real life. Real life meetings add a dimension to r.m.h that can't be matched in a strictly virtual community. Take the time to find out if there's anyone within a few hundred miles of you and try to meet up for a real life beverage.

Being a participant in real life utterly changes your relationship to the people in r.m.h. Roach puts it like this:

"How would you expect to be part of a motorcycling group, whose main activity is riding motorcycles to various motorcycle meets put on by other members, without getting involved in the activity?

"I can sit and watch Emeril every fuckin' day, but I'll never be a chef until I start to chop onions."

It's good to put a face to a name, and until you do start meeting people in real life remember that people don't know who or what you are. The VB&G is not a good place to wear a fake persona. Also, if you don't participate in real life in some way, you have to understand that hundreds of other people have been and are meeting in real life, and they all share something that words on a screen can alone simply never match.

If you are a person of delicate sensibilities you should probably find another bar. There will be plenty of cussin', some fights, allusions to drug abuse (or use depending on your perspective) and other possibly criminal activities.

This is a Biker Bar. You do not have to be a Harley enthusiast or Biker to enter, but an appreciation of the machines and lifestyles is recommended, and meeting people by whatever mode of transportation that you can muster, is encouraged. It also helps to have a thick skin and not take things too personally.

r.m.h is just like your average biker bar. Those of us who have been sitting here for a while have gotten into it with each other on different topics. We all argue back and forth and call each other names.