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It seems like after every rally, someone feels a need to vent about the number of people who were towing their rides via trailers, instead of riding to the event.

As well, there are also the sincere folks who for one reason or another, choose to take their bikes somewhere on a trailer. Some of those folks have hundreds of thousands of miles under their belts. To see a sampling of past topics just with the word "trailer" in the subject, click here. Of course, this Google search includes people who want to tow a trailer with their bike as well.

Needless to say, the topic of trailers, and whether one can be a "real biker" and put a bike on a trailer has popped up numerous times over the years under subject headings that are not so easily identified. r.m.h regulars have largely settled on a "live and let live" philosophy regarding trailers. The operative word here is "largely".

In any case, before posting a rant about trailers, check out what's been said before.