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Real Bikers, RUBs, Posers, and Yuppies, Oh My!

From time to time, the subject of who is a "Real Biker" crops up. Seems like everyone who responds wants to be considered a "Real Biker" and nobody wants to be locked out by any particular definition.

But while the term "Real Biker" truly evades definition, the terms RUB and Poser seem to easy enough to define in a broad sense.

RUB - Rich Urban Biker
Poser - Also Poseur. Someone for whom a Harley (or custom or Ducati or other status bikes) is more a fashion statement and accessory than a form of transportation or adventure.
Yuppie - Also Yuppy. Young Urban Professional. In most arguments this often means anyone who makes more money than you do, but as a pejorative it usually means the person is also considered one or both of the above.

Here are some Google searches to arguments past on these subjects (each spelling is a different Google search):

Real Biker, Real Bikers
Poser, Posers, Poseur, Poseurs
Yuppie, Yuppy, Yuppies