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Harley vs. ...

Another favorite topic that's recurred with clocklike regularity is the "Harley vs. ..." thread. The sheer dedication of Harley riders to their brand makes them a great target for riders of other brands. The 100 year continuous manufacturing history of the brand and its relationship to American culture is often dismissed by riders of other marques as "mystique". Just about any aspect of technology, performance, reliability, clothing, riding style or culture has been questioned at one time or another.

So, here's a few samples of Harley vs. ... threads:

Harley vs ...
Harley Horrors
Harleys Suck, Harley Sucks

Not all of the subjects are as blatantly searchable as those above, but it's a certainty that nearly every conceivable angle of the arguments have been covered. Search Google under individual makes and models for more comparisons.