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Harley Email Digest

If r.m.h is a Bar & Grill, then the Harley Email Digest is its parts counter.

Highly technical, but less colorful. If you like reading stuff such as "Chemical reactions can be exothermic or endothermic" or about pick-ups you will love the digest. The Harley Email Digest is Cool, even with the endothermic references.

Ken Dykes, the Harley Email Digest Immoderator supplied this information:

Most anyone interested in a mailing list about Harley-Davidson bikes, politics, mechanics, life-style, and whatever members from over 18 countries make it, may subscribe by sending an Email request to:   (use @ instead of _at_.)
Your email request to join should have a signature or something giving your full Email address (the reply/from header in email messages is not always usable.) Also state you wish to join or something, because the same email address is used for general correspondence and questions to the list manager.

The preferred and simplest way to subscribe is by visiting

Subscribers get access to all back-issues since 1991 with keyword, subject-line and author (email address) search capability using a web-based interface.

A sample issue is available for reading at
The email publication is a digest-only format scheduled for twice a day, Monday through Friday and occasionally on weekends.

The Harley Email Digest is not affiliated with Harley-Davidson, Inc. or the Harley Owner's Group.

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