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Counter Steering and Eyeball Riding

This is a deep subject, but briefly, push the bars to the left (lightly) to go left and to the right to turn right. Practice this (and other emergency procedures) in an empty parking lot free of gravel, grease spots etc.

C. John writes:

"Want to try something else that you never think of unless you've had an Experienced Rider Course, Try eyeball riding!!

You do it most of the time but like a good countersteering rider you don't even think about it. Eyeball steering is just looking at a spot ahead of you and without moving the bars or your bod, but just move your eyeballs to the left or right and watch what happens to the bike. It will go where you are looking. Mix eyeball and countersteering and you will really move the bike around with ease. By practicing both types of riding in a combination you will stay out of trouble. The key is looking far enough ahead.

[This] comes from an experienced riders course that every rider should take after a year or two of riding. The course really sharpens your skills. You find out how good you really aren't!!!!!"