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Biking in Europe

Tony Fletcher contributed the following section:

"There is a thriving Harley scene in the UK (and Europe).

First stop will be the UKs largest and oldest Harley dealer (since 1924), Warrs of Chelsea in London (tel.: +44 171 736 2934 fax: +44 384 1440). They also organise the local HOG chapter. In addition there are 15 other official Harley Dealers across the UK and one in Eire.

In 1994 nearly 1400 new Harleys were registered in the UK.

The official UK HD Insurance scheme is run by Fernet Insurance (tel. +44 1 708 768613 fax + 44 1708 732395) who are very helpful.

For touring in Europe contact HOG in Germany on tel.: +496105 25390 fax:+49 6105284255. To get the UK HOG newsletter contact UK HOG at: Bell Tower, high Street, Brackley Northants NN13 7DT, UK tel.: +44 1280 700101.

The London HOG meets last Thursday of every month at the Hard Rock Cafe on Piccadilly (free beer, we are a tourist attraction, bring your HOG card). Upwards of 150 bikes in summer.

There is also a big UK Rally each year in the Summer.

Some tips:

We drive on the left in the UK so you have to get the bikes steering changed (but on the right in the rest of Europe).

Bikes are between 40 percent (Sportsters) and 25 percent (Big Twins) more expensive in the UK than the US. They are even more expensive in other European markets.

You need to sort out insurance cover if you are going to drive in more than one European country as although UK insurance is legal in Europe it only covers you third party. Some countries require a bail bond (e.g. Spain).

Helmets are mandatory in all countries, most have a speed limit of between 70 m.p.h. and 80 m.p.h. except some German Autobahns, where you can go as fast as your underpants will allow.

If you want to buy a second hand HD then check out the classified adverts in Motorcycle News (out every Wednesday - at least 30 or so every week).

To find out about motorcycling in general in the UK then you can subscribe to the Email forum OGRI (ADMIN ADDRESS: TO SUBSCRIBE INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS)."