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Singles and Lightweights Sources

Not surprisingly, there's a community and lots of resources for owners of Harley Hummers. If you happen to have one and need parts, advice or camaraderie, Donna A. says point your browser to:

The Harley Hummer Club

There's even a page which lists lots of vendors from whom you can locate all those hard to find parts.

How to find parts

(And who at Harley-Davidson thought it was a good idea to name a model "Scat"?)

Donna A. also adds:
"The 'Hum Ex'(Hummer Exchange) link is also good--and still in use!
You can post requests for parts here, or list parts you have available.
I managed to score an original Bobcat brochure from here
(rather rare since only 1150 Bobcats were produced in their
only year of production, 1969)."

This information was supplied by George Grevera:

Two places that specialize in parts (and service manuals) for HD [Italian] singles/lightweights are the following:

Moto Italia
13960 Highway 9
Boulder Creek, CA 95006
(408) 338-3340

Charleston Custom Cycle
211 Washington
Charleston, IL 61920
(217) 345-2577