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1% -- Outlaw Biker

AFAIK -- As far as I know

Bagger -- Touring model with trunk and/or hard sidebags

Bro -- Bend Right Over. Implication is to be wary of some of the "Bros" that you might meet.

bs# -- brotherhood of the slug, met another slug, haven't ridden with them.

BS# --brotherhood of the slug, ridden with another slug, posted a slimed story.

BT -- Big Twin - Not a Sportster

Cage -- Car or Truck - not a motorcycle

CS -- Chicken Shit

DM# -- Disaster Magnet

DOF -- They're decrepit and old, you can guess the rest

Dresser -- see bagger

Emoticon -- By turning your head sideways and a bit of imagination these are used to represent emotion with a picture of a face:

Wink ;-)
Sad or Angry :-(
Laughing :-D
Sticking tongue out :-P
Happy or "That's a joke" :-)
On drugs %-)
Me (:-{)} I'm bald and have a beard

These are used to convey emotion, as written communications is easily misunderstood. Missing are the nuances of face to face spoken...What? Oh yeah, OK. On to something Harley. Sorry :-(

Feculator -- Derived from the words fecal or feces, meaning shit; and speculator, meaning one who buys and sells hoping to gain profitably from market fluctuations. An extremely derogatory term referring to those insipid individuals whose only motivation for buying a motorcycle - specifically a Harley Davidson motorcycle - is for the purpose of reselling at a ridiculously inflated price. A feculator represents capitalism in its most perverse form. Feculation keeps the market artficially overinflated & takes unfair advantage of those who want to buy motorcycles for their intended purpose - TO BE RIDDEN - and want them so badly they will bend over & sadly succumb to a financial ass-reaming. feculate,v. see also, profiteering scumbag. -- David Strang

FWIW -- For what it's worth

FYYFF -- Fuck you you fucking fuck

HAROM -- Have a round on me

HD -- Hundred Dollars or High Dollar referring to the high price of Harley Davidson parts.

IIRC -- If I remember correctly

IMHO -- In my humble opinion

IOW -- In other words

IRL -- In Real Life

Netscum -- Bikers who met each other on the Internet and have met in real life

NRN -- No Reply Necessary - used to stop endless back and forth emails

OTOH -- On the other hand

PITA -- Pain in the ass

PNWNS -- Pacific Northwest Netscum

POS -- Piece of shit

RUB -- Rich Wannabee - Rich Urban Biker - Generally thought to be someone buying a Harley on credit to counter a poor self-image.

SE -- Screaming Eagle - HD's line of performance parts.

SENS -- South East Net Scum. The definition of "South East" however is very liberal and includes a big chunk of the Western Hemisphere and Europe.

<sfsf> -- Stupid fucking "smiley face"

Sporty -- Sportster (XL)

Squid -- Any slower rider in the way and driving over his head.

TIA -- Thanks in advance

Twinkie -- Nickname for the TCxx engines and the bikes they're mounted in.

UJM -- Universal Japanese Motorcycle

WOT -- Wide Open Throttle -- - The newsgroup "over there" that spends more time flaming each other than talking about their un-American motorcycles. Most are children except a couple of Brits who seem to thrive on tormenting the others. Also called Reeky.

WTF -- What the Fuck

YFOS -- You're full of shit

YMMV -- Your Mileage May Vary. Do not expect exact results